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TrainingTube helps organizations improve through video. Join our community to capture, produce and share video based communication, training and support all in one place.

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Elevate your business by using video 

Customer on-boarding

Take your customer on-boarding to the next level with video

We make it easy to onboard and nurture your customers, which will minimize your churn. One of our secrets is the auto translation with subtitles and native voice-over.

Customer support

Video makes your customer support excellent

We enable your support to be high performing, with a native video you can make your support clear, consistent and easy to understand.

IT development

Save a huge amount of time using video

We can save you all those hours spent in meetings. In TrainingTube it has never been easier to communicate IT-ideas and report bugs. 


Tired of writing all that documentation?

Then you could try TrainingTube. Record your process, click on transcription and there you have it, a video and your written document. With one small click of the mouse, you can have that translated into 20 languages. 

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Members already enjoying the TrainingTube community

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